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Robyn Ehrlich is a filmmaker from Eagan, Minnesota, currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Department of Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. 


In her work, she maintains a focus on themes such as feminism, the female experience, body positivity, and personal trauma.

In 2018, Robyn screened at the Milwaukee Film Festival as a part of the Cream City Music Video Show. Since then, she has screened her work at numerous venues internationally, including SEFF Binghamton: Student Experimental Film Festival, Riverwest FemFest, Seen|Scene, Experimental Tuesdays at the Union Cinema, Twisted Dreams Film Festival, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Film Girl International Film Festival, and Montréal Feminist Film Festival.

Ehrlich was the winner of Best Milwaukee Short at Film Girl International Film Festival, and a Finalist at FROSTBITE International Indie Fest. She is a recipient of the Lubar Scholars of Film Award. Her work on 16mm film has also been featured in the 3rd Issue of film magazine "Analog Cookbook."


  • Milwaukee Film Festival - Cream City Music Video Show; 2018

  • Experimental Tuesdays at the Union Cinema; 2018, 2019

  • Seen|Scene - Genesis; 2019

  • Seen|Scene - Dimensions; 2019

  • Seen|Scene - Occupancy; 2019

  • Riverwest Femfest; 2019

  • Student Experimental Film Festival (SEFF Binghamton); 2019

  • Milwaukee Nonfiction - Almost Nonfiction; 2019

  • UW-Milwaukee Senior Thesis Screening; 2019

  • Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival; 2020

  • Milwaukee Underground Film Festival; 2020

  • Film Girl International Film Festival; 2020 - Winner: Best Milwaukee Short Film

  • Montreal Feminist Film Festival; 2020

  • LinoKino LKTV; 2021

  • Sphere World Cinema Carnival; 2021

  • Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival; 2021

  • Camp Horror Film Festival; 2021

  • Beet Street Music Video Festival; 2021

  • Milwaukee Underground Film Festival; 2021

  • San Diego Underground Film Festival; 2021

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